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No Light, No Light [after Florence + the Machine]

1. Last night ma renewed her faith in God. The One that lives inside Florence, she says. And tells her what to sing.

2. Ma raises her glass of beer to the cupboard and praises the hole in her head.

4. She sings: No light. Nude light. Lamp light. Some light. Fading light. Flash light. Lady bug light. I’m so light.  

5. Ma is playing with ghouls and demons. They shake a stick at her. She sticks a shake in them. It’s all done. Finished. The space between them is closer than ever, which means they are closer to peace than ever, which means I am closer to the ghouls and demons in ma’s bedhead.

6. It’s shake-n-bake and taco night.All you can eat.

7. Ma is alert to the possibility of heaven, the possibility of ghosts.

8. A revelation is a way to feel elated, ma says, and a way to see blind.

9. The horse draggin’ ma around is really a mouse.

10. It is really a horse dressed as a mouse, a rude mouse, the kind that inhabits ma’s wil-da’-beast imagination.

11. Ma loves potato chips and pumpkin pie. Salvation Army and the army. Office supplies and herbs.

12. No light, ma says, means it is all dark. 

13. That’s obvious, I tell ma. There’s never light in the dark. 

14. Obviously, ma says, you have no faith in hope.

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Shake It Out [after Florence + the Machine]

1. Ma and I drag race in our best one-shoulder red dress around the blue kiddie pool filled with gold skulls.

2. We are asymmetrical as sprinkled Pop Tarts.

3. The white horse in the backyard drags the black horse around the backyard.

4. The horses that live inside of us tango as if they are unbridled Devil Dogs.

5. We are the unification of Devil’s Food Cake and Deviled Eggs.

6. Our issues emerge like red tulips in spring that bloom across the planet like an army of deranged Bozo the Clowns.

7. I shook ma and red horses fell out.

8. I shook the devil and he shook uncontrollably beneath ma’s skirt.

9. In this red chiffon mess, the devil undressed.

10. He climbed on my back until I shook him into a red cowboy.

11. His cowboy boots are cowboy boots.

12. Even the stars wear elegant dreadlocks at night.

13. The devil that suffers, ma says, is the devil that never changes.

14. White angels play politics in trees.

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Heavy In Ma’s (Florence + the Machine’s) Arms

Ma says I’m heavy in her arms. I tell ma I weigh like 100 pounds. Ma says no weigh and that’s way too much weight for such a small soul. I tell ma I have a big soul, a soul so big that it is heavier than what it appears to be. Ma says I shouldn’t talk shit about my soul because she is my ma and she knows a thing or two about souls, big and small. I tell ma she has no soul for insulting my soul and the souls of those who are my size and seem to have small souls. Ma says don’t worry little soul. It’s not about how big your soul is or should be. It’s about how heavy it feels when you are in the arms of angels. I tell ma she is not an angel, “so don’t get any ideas”. Ma looks at me aimless with that strange (and probably fake) pink neon halo hovering over her stupid head. “Prove it!”, she exclaims. “That your ma ain’t no angel.” I look into ma’s contact lenses for the answer to the question that is answered as she lowers me into bed.