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Almost Dorothy on Lesbianism

I woke up this morning, again, and I asked mom if she was or wanted to be a lesbian and, if she were or wanted to be a lesbian, I wanted to know what she planned to do about it. Mom said she’s not a lesbian but she likes women, especially women who are on the verge of lesbianism, like Hillary Clinton or Oprah, but she also likes men who are somewhat butch, like Elton John and Kid Rock. I told mom she made no sense and she said she made sense because she doesn’t care to be called LGB or T or PYT. Mom just wants to be mom and do whatever she wants where ever she wants, which sounds like a verse from a Shakira song, even if it means she’s a slut. I told mom she’s not a slut but mom said nothing and just smiled like yes I’m really a slut. I think mom is a true artist because she can survive anything.

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