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Shiny Toy Shoes

“Earth below us drifting, falling, floating weightless, calling, calling home. Across the stratosphere a final message: give my [ma] my love then nothing more.” –Peter Schilling

I’m thankful for ma.

I’m thankful for her decision to go vegetarian this holiday.

I’m thankful for water.

I’m thankful for soap.

I’m thankful for floating and my plastic wrap.

I’m thankful for pancakes and turtles, rocks and sea grass.

I’m thankful for differential calculus and graphic novels.

I’m thankful for the blue bird, the red bird, the green and yellow bird, the white and black bird, and the gray ones too.

I’m thankful for Wonder Woman, her comforter and the Holy Spirit’s ruby red glittery shoes.

I’m thankful for NOH8 and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

I’m thankful for Snoopy and Charlie Brown, Charlie’s Angels and the Killing Moon too.

I’m thankful for silence and music, especially music.

I’m thankful for candied yams and sweet potato pie and toes.

I’m thankful for gravity and convection.

I’m thankful for Good Will Industries and Good Will Hunting.

I’m thankful for almost every thing that ends in ing–dreaming, breathing, swimming, singing, loving, blinking.

I’m thankful for Rollerblades and the lizard sunbathing on the lawn chair.

I’m thankful for the almost in all of us and the wholeness in one.

I’m thankful for spell check and, to be honest, fried chicken too.

I’m thankful for the Tin Man and mangoes.

I’m thankful for feedback and French Fries.

I’m thankful for the return of Bobo the Mutt and Amanda Bernstein (the B is Silent) too.

I’m thankful for stars and their guidance at night.

I’m thankful for night and knights and shining armor.

I’m thankful for amor, Almodovar, and troubadours.

I’m thankful for Thursday and every word that ends in day.

I’m thankful for translation software.

I’m thankful for the red shoes that have been with me and will be with me every step I take.

I’m thankful for ma’s faux turkey stuffed with candied yams and sweet potato pie.

I’m thankful for my wardrobe and luggage and all the things that exist or will exist in space, time and memory.

I’m thankful for Goldfrapp and Frappuccinos.

For happiness.

For sadness.

For love and hate.

Anger and peace.

The end and the beginning and the stuffing in between.

I’m thankful for Yemen, freedom from dictatorship, and the dictatorship of freedom (Yemen’s President Resigns).

I’m thankful for Youtube, WordPress and Facebook.

I’m thankful for Peter Schilling and Shiny Toy Guns.

Plants and oxygen too!

And especially the moon.

Almost Dorothy A-float | Photo by Neil de la Flor
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Ugandan Gay Rights Activist Murdered by Evangelical ‘Christians’?

Rolling Stone | Uganda "Kill the Gays Bill"

I’m pissed off because Evangelicals hate gay people.

Ma says it’s just a fact a reality a farce or force of forceps of human nature that I have to accept. Deal with it , kid, she says. Amanda B. says I shouldn’t accept anything even if it comes out of my ma’s mouth. My BFF Squinny says she wants chocolate chip cookies and a snow cone. I’m pissed and tired of cone heads like Evangelical ‘Christians’ and ‘Conservative’ Republicans who jump around in the cloak of ‘saving’ the kids to justify murder, bigotry and hate. If there were a litmus test for Evangelical ‘Christians’,I’m certain many of the haters would fail the test.

According to the New York Times, this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, which is partly sponsored by the gay Republican group GOPround, will be boycotted by other conservative organizations like  the Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America , Liberty University (Note the irony: Liberty? University) and the Heritage Foundation. They refuse to participate because gay people will co-sponsor the event.

These groups are tied to the same movement, or menace, that murdered Ugandan gay rights activist  David Kato. His face, name and home address were published in the Ugandan newspaper Rolling Stone shortly after Evangelical ‘Christians’ from America attended a conference in Uganda to discuss criminalizing homosexuality. According to the New York Times, those Evangelical ‘Christians’ included “Scott Lively, a missionary who has written several books against homosexuality, including “7 Steps to Recruit-Proof Your Child”; Caleb Lee Brundidge, a self-described former gay man who leads “healing seminars”; and Don Schmierer, a board member of Exodus International, whose mission is “mobilizing the body of Christ to minister grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality” — are now trying to distance themselves from the bill…. including the Rev. Rick Warren, who visited in 2008 and has compared homosexuality to pedophilia.”

Question: What would Jesus do?

Answer: 1. Approve of the “killing” of gays. 2. Facebook all day. 3. Hang out at gay bars and dance his ass off. 4. Sacrifice his life for every last goddamned homosexual or lesbian on the planet.

Ma says I shouldn’t blame Evangelical ‘Christians’ because they’ll call me anti-Christian or anti-Christ or Auntie Mame, and they’ll blacklist me from future employment. Hell, ma says, they’ll blacklist your ass off the streets. I tell ma I know not all Christians are bad.In fact, I believe most of them are good, even God-like, and fabulous. I’m just tired of the few who scream and shout over the heads of reason. The reasonable people just don’t speak up loud enough, often enough, or soon enough–that is my opinion. To truly live in the grace of God and the Holy Spirit or Sprite or whatever it is Jesus Christ was here to guide us into, everyone one of us–evangelical or not–should speak up and end the silence. And end the violence perpetrated by the real anti-Christs.