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Jada Roth Casella: Pussy Power

Jada Caselle Roth

I tried to interview Megan Casella Roth for this Potty Mouth Interview, but her goddamn cat ate her–fo’ real! Nah really. In fact, Megan , which rhymes with Megan, was on vacation in New Mexico, snowboarding, or whatever the hell it is people do in New Mexico. Personally, I love Old Mexico where life is a more authentic and the mole is real motherfucking mole. Jada Roth-Casella, Megan’s cat, who wasn’t on vacation and is totally way cooler than Megan, sat for an interview. Kids, put your pants on. This kitty cat has got a rough tongue and whiskers that’ll whip your ass into a frenzy. Plus, this damn cat has her own Facebook page.

Almost Dorothy: So you’re writing a book called, The Green Fried Lemonade. What would you say to a fireman who lives recreationally daily or the mortician forever in black-magic sky-high tease-me heels?

Jada Roth Casella: It’s all about letting go of your inner Carolyn Burnham. Once you do, life is a giant orgasm/crisp-sandwich. The idea that we are gathering our materials for future possibility is only valid if we are canceling our subscription to the magazine called Success in Normality Yorker. Nobody is normal, especially the people who try so hard to seem to be, with their you-statements and Capri pants and lovely argyles. Can we get some tuna in here? I was promised Chunk Light and Zephyrhills.

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