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Eple [after Röyksopp]

Part I

1. A glacier tickles the blue sky above the ski resort where no one skis beneath the sky.

2. There is a lamp in the foreground posing as a lamp.

3. A boy drinks beer with his mom’s help and sips.

4. The blond boy, the other one who looks like another blond boy, runs from his mother’s trailer toward an orange station wagon hitched to an insanely orange tent parked behind a gas station.

5. I saw Pegasus between the orange curtains, but it was just a horse.

6. Orange is the color of connection.

7. The horse standing in front of the window is connected, yet unaware that he is a form a electromagnetic radiation.

8. Why is the girl missing her front tooth topless?

9. This is what you should be thinking—

10. electronica is a happy mushroom.

11. Sometimes humans wear orange ski jackets before boarding the cruise ship to paradise.

12. Paradise, in many respects, is a white Volkswagen beetle.

13. I wonder why the boy in the boat wearing a green tee is looking at the girl on the shore wearing an orange tank.

14. The mushroom will return in stereo.

Part II

1. A woman in an orange evening coat crosses the intersection in the company of black and gray.

2. Jumping jacks are performed before the blue airplane takes off.

3. One woman takes off her orange track suit.

4. The city is OK.

5. The lion and the tiger in the photograph are not married, but they are in love because there is a concept of marriage in the human kingdom.

6. Is the white Shepard in front of the church a sign from God or is the girl petting the white Shepard in front of the church a sign for God?

7. A family sits and/or stands outside of their tent while monkeys surround a family trapped inside of their turquoise sedan.

8. Of course there’s always an orange car, too.

9. Sometimes mountains look like nipples.

10. Sometimes music is paradise. And happiness. And home.

11. [For us, this is enough.]

12. There’s always someone in a bikini playing with a beach ball in an indoor pool.

13. The sun is not the sun this time. It is the moon of twilight and the violet flame.

14. The bus in the end is yellow.

*Based on “Eple” by Röyksopp

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What Else Is There? [after Röyksopp]

1. The house floats above a ragged coast that is ancient and unforgiving.

2. There are no pharaohs or else there would be pharaohs.

3. She does not wear a sweater, nor raincoat, even though the storm is wicked owls.

4. Those white feathers are white feathers.

5. These feathers blow in the wind and forgive her for just having one wish left.

6. Each feather drags another storm into the room.

7. She dreams of flashlights and explosions as she rests her head on an oak with a heart that blows smoke.

8. The smoke signals the road is not a road.

9. It was me on that road, she sings, but nowhere near here.

10. Why is there a German Shepherd on that road to nowhere?

11. In the room, she floats like a hipster and wraps herself up in a white comforter–becomes an angel.

12. She comforts us through the television even though she doesn’t know I am

13. Invisible to angels.

14. The man in black is always a ghost.

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Across the Graveyard [after Röyksopp]

1. Ma pulls the black horse pulling the black carriage.

2. The woman wears black and walks among the white statues that are happy to see her black horse.

3. She is not afraid of mist or the persistence of winter and twilight.

4. What is snow, now, but the sound beneath her steps?

5. Snow sits on the shoulders of an archangel that carries the weight of the woman on its back as the world watches the woman carry the weight of angels.

6. Unaware, the woman approaches the crypt as she memorizes the steps between now and then.

7. This is not a joke nor a shadow conspiracy.

8. It snows in winter, ma says, realistically.

9. Her chest, the woman’s chest, is a conspiratorial orange glow in a blue world of falling snow.

10. The synth pulls off the black sound of carriages and angels, the sound of almost silence.

11. Winter is cracked stone at right angles.

12. In this performance, the woman communicates the history of silence.

13. Ma and I are hysterical watching the woman warn us

14. of the con(sequence) of gravity.

*Based on Across the Graveyard by Röyksopp