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Rue McClanahan is Dead. Long Live Rue McClanahan!

Rue McClanahan

Here we go again.

Mom is sad because Rue McClanahan is dead. Mom is sad because she is sad and because the whole fucking world is slick with oil. Mom is sad because Rue McClanahan reminds mom of her own mom just like mom reminds me of my mother. Mom is sad and I don’t know what to do or who the hell Rue McClanahan is or was or why she’s such a big deal when pelicans are drowning in the Gulf of BP Oil. Mom is sad because her heart feels like an empty coal mine. Mom is sad because Rue McClanahan is dead and Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty too.  Mom is sad because Betty White is eighty-nine. Mom is sad because I am sad that she is sad. Amanda B. is sad too but mom doesn’t believe Amanda B. is really sad sad. Amanda B. says she’s really sad and I believe her because of her sad smile and the black and blue circles under her eyes.Mom is sad because one day she’ll succumb to the sadness and collapse into her own womb. Bomb. Mom is sad because she misses her mother. Misses her brother. Misses the other weather. The kind of weather that makes a kite fly and a child feel anything is possible.  Always. Forever. No one can avoid the gulf, mom said, not even a Golden Girl.