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Punch Drunk Love Sigmund Freud

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Today ma is creative. She creates space where there is no space. Turns spiders into angels. She cloaks time and makes the neighbor believe that the present is the present when everything is past tense. The angels are happy to spin webs around the world.

Today ma repaints her nails ultra-violet and commands an army of magnetic horses across the refrigerator door.

Today ma is as brilliant as her shiny red cherry lipstick.

Today ma toasts her triumph over love and losers. Tosses the idea of them away like old spaghetti and meatballs.

Cheers, ma says raising her glass of orange juice as if it were the most potent orange juice on the planet.

Cheers, I say raising my glass of orange juice as if it were the most potent orange juice on the planet.

Today ma brushes her teeth without irony and uses real Crest, practices good oral hygiene and is confident in herself.

Today ma recalls the drunk she punched last night at the Opera. The same guy who came on to her on her way to the ladies room. The same one who touched her left and right breasts as if they were overripe cantaloupe in the Publix fruit section.

Gentlemen, she says, shouldn’t touch the goodies without permission or cash.

Today ma nurses the stitches across her chin and holds her chin up like a real Hollywood Oscar.

Today ma is pure gold, black and blue. Radiant and as potentially violent as Jupiter’s storms on any given night.

Today ma understands why men are violent by nature and condemned to fits of rage and indecency.

They’re emotional, ma says, and not taught how to deal with them at a fundamental level.

Today ma thinks she is a scholar, a clinical psychologist, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and the Dalai Lama.

Today is Saturday.

Today ma is extraordinarily unified, one with gravity, and grateful for her knuckles and right hook.

Today ma is Muhammed Ali to me.

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Zasahanell: Her & I


Zashanell travels by umbrella, dances with giant pink cotton candy soundclouds, and hangs out with angels. Seriously. Born and raised in good ol’ South Florida, singer-songwriter Zashanell is busting her chops creating music that makes people forget their worries and dance like wild bobble head dolls. Her latest track “U & I”, signed and remixed by international superstar DJ Laidback Luke, is all the rage against the deus ex (house music) machina. And, there’s more to come! In this Potty Mouth Interview, Zashanell & I talk about what makes her move, what moves she plans to make next, and how to make $14,000 off Ebay in one day.

Almost Dorothy: What do you love most in life?

Zashanell: Love is what I love the most. It’s my Sigmund Freud self-theory, my drive for tomorrow, dream to find the same passion in some one else; it’s what catapults me out of bed each morning. I haven’t hit that wall yet but I do believe in true love.

AD: I hear love, the dopamine it releases in the body, is like heroin. Love is a drug, or at the very least, a dope show. So, what energizes you (besides music!)?

Z: I randomly ask strangers to share their life stories with me. Some share, some stare. Starbucks, a short walk IN CIRCLES, the sunrise at 6am on the way back home from Miami Beach, a shower, pictures of nature or lights.

AD: Tell us about your song writing process. When you write songs, do they all come to you the same way,that internal space? Or, does each song come from different places and sources of inspiration?

Z: My process for writing is different every time, I tried doing the pick a spot for writing kind of thing, smoke your lungs out thing, drink your life away thing, cry your heart out thing, then stopped and just did the breath and relax and the write thing. That can some times work, but some times I do need that anger, pain, stress in me to write beautifully.

I’m inspired by truth, by real feelings. It can come from a movie, a line in another song, people sitting at a bus stop, a message on a bill board, a motion, a beautiful sound, a sigh, an old lady’s wrinkles. I’ve actually stopped on the middle of the dance floor to grab pen and napkin to write a feeling I got while dancing to use for lyrics.

If there were a specific way for writing, I probably would get it all wrong. So thank God there isn’t. That’s why I love writing so much; I can do what ever I want with my words.

AD: Me too! I often grab pens and napkins on dance floors to get phone numbers from extraterrestrials. How did you come to write “U & I”?

Z: I was fed up with giving 100% and getting back 50%. I put so much time and many years of me into a love that never happened but could of, should of, would of, but never did. I walked into a small room with a microphone with a beautiful melody, pressed record and sang.

I will continue to always give 100% though, that’s what the song is about, never holding back and always giving all of you no matter what.

AD: Collaboration is a big part of your musical career. What’s it like to collaborate with a diverse group of artists and musicians?

Z: A different side of me comes out depending on the kind of music or musicians I compose with. So I’d have to say it’s an awesome experience for me. Let’s me experiment new things.

AD: Any fist fights or funniest moments you want to reveal?

Z: Nope. Oh, I fought a fan once because she didn’t want to be my fan anymore. I sold my pen on Ebay for 14,000 dollars. I’ve been using a broken 2005 Blackberry with half the keypad missing. When I’ve had a bran new Iphone 4 sitting in my bag waiting to be connected on it’s own for the past year. Not all are true stories, guess which ones are false.

AD: As a musician, what is your proudest moment to date?

Z: Sharing my music with my Grandmother and Father before they passed away. They both supported my music, which means the world to me. 2006 Won Second place at a Battle of the bands without having a band lol, I think that’s why I couldn’t win first place. 2007 Performing in Texas in front of 1,000 plus. 2009 My first real Recording with pro Musicians as my mentors. 2011 Getting a single signed to one of the biggest names in House music.

AD: Proudest moment as a human being?

Z: I was sitting in my car ready to get out and walk into my house, when my dad called me while at work just to tell me how proud he was of me.

AD: I think Madonna said, “Music makes the people come together.” What is it about the power of music that brings people together despite cultural, linguistic and even socio-economic differences?

Z: It’s all about a feeling. Music has the power to make two strangers in a room that have never met in their lives feel the same thing at the same time, make them move in their own way and no one would have had to speak a word. That to me is powerful.


AD: Who cares about the future! What does it feel like right now to be Zashanell? To be creating music? To do what you were born to do?

Z: I feel normal now that I’m doing what I was created to do, at least that’s what I believe. If not, I don’t think I’d have the gift I have today.

AD: What is the perfect day for you?

Z: Getting at least four songs written and recorded and the rest of the day spent with my family.

AD: Finally, what’s at the end of the rainbow?

Z: A stork dropping off my album. Another Stork will pass a bill board with my tour dates, and stop at the end of the rainbow and leave you my heart. I’ll be dressed as pot of Gold.

Zashanell is a Hispanic-American Miami, FL based Singer-Songwriter. Zashanell & GTA with their latest track release titled “U&I” has achieved considerable worldwide success. From the cold corners of Finland to the heart of South Africa to the night clubs of New York City and Miami, everyone is infatuated with her seducing sultry vocal melodies. It is no surprise that when Laidback Luke heard the track “U&I” he immediately signed it to Mix Mash Records and created a remix of the song. Zashanell will be performing at Dayglow – Atlanta, GA on 10/8/2011 and Dayglow  Columbus, OH on 10/21/2011.

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