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Across the Graveyard [after Röyksopp]

1. Ma pulls the black horse pulling the black carriage.

2. The woman wears black and walks among the white statues that are happy to see her black horse.

3. She is not afraid of mist or the persistence of winter and twilight.

4. What is snow, now, but the sound beneath her steps?

5. Snow sits on the shoulders of an archangel that carries the weight of the woman on its back as the world watches the woman carry the weight of angels.

6. Unaware, the woman approaches the crypt as she memorizes the steps between now and then.

7. This is not a joke nor a shadow conspiracy.

8. It snows in winter, ma says, realistically.

9. Her chest, the woman’s chest, is a conspiratorial orange glow in a blue world of falling snow.

10. The synth pulls off the black sound of carriages and angels, the sound of almost silence.

11. Winter is cracked stone at right angles.

12. In this performance, the woman communicates the history of silence.

13. Ma and I are hysterical watching the woman warn us

14. of the con(sequence) of gravity.

*Based on Across the Graveyard by Röyksopp