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xTx: An Interview With A Wiffle Ball & Mother of Fuckery


Warning: This Potty Mouth Interview is rated xTx. Keep all children, kids, and baby ducks away. No animals or saints were harmed during and/or immediately after this interview, but I can’t guarantee none will be harmed in the near future, or live happily ever after. For obvious reasons xTx is the Potty Mouth of Potty Mouths. She’s a literary freak of nature that will cure your desire for heartwarming romance novels, or not. She’s the author of Nobody Trusts a Black Magician and the blog Nothing To Say. Watch out Jersey Shore because xTx is not afraid to kick ass ya’ little shits. (Thank God mom’s out of the house tonight.) xTx will spill blood on your white carpets and pee in your bath if necessary, at least in the literary sense. xTx will literally get to your heart (ta da!) through your anus, which, I know, is gross, but people need to relax. Loosen up. You’re all going to hell with me anyway. Plus, she’s got a point. Enjoy.

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